RIU Hotel in Victoria, London


Works have started to Phase 7 of our project at RIU Hotel in Victoria, London for McLaren Construction.

Phase 7 comprises of a refurbishment to the existing roof structure which has been partly demolished and includes strengthening works to existing trusses and two new two storey extensions to both the North and South ends of the existing structure. We will then be installing the Metal Decking to form a new 12th floor from North to South.

The steelwork had to be lifted to the existing 11th floor slab by a 220t Demag Mobile Crane, made particularly difficult with the tight confines of the site and the prominent tree! This required a partial weekend road closure to Vauxhall Bridge Road which was carried out by our sub-contract lifting contractor City Lifting (tag them in the post on Linked-in). Once located on the existing slab our site team proceeded to load the steelwork evenly across the slab ready for installation with a UNIC-506 Spider Crane.

Great effort by the team involved!