Project: Moxon Street

Hillcrest are proud to be part of an interesting  project for Kier London, for a new prestigious apartment block in the highly sought area of Marylebone London. We were contracted to provide steelwork for 40 prefabricated bridges along with new welded frames for the scenic lift shafts.

Parking bay closures were a big requirement on this project due to the tight constrictive site, logistical challenges and requirement of articulated lorries for the circa 10 meter fully welded bridges.

To aid Kier with programme, Hillcrest also supported Kiers M&E subcontractors with the installation of Pedestals, pipework and electrical items. These were programmed to be fixed to the bridges at our works prior to delivery, this would speed up the efficiency in erection of bridges on site, along with removing the logistical problems with access and installation for the M&E subcontractors.

Consideration to coordination and planning to achieve the above in an economic manner was essential due to the High Decorative intumescent paint finish needing to be applied prior to any site works being carried out. The bridges also needed to be positioned and made available in a manner to suit the M&E sub contractors. This provided our works with challenges, where in affect, we had to play a game of “Tetris” with 40 number, circa 10 meter by 2.5 meter long bridges (up to 4.7 tonnes in weight), to be stacked and unstacked to enable works to be carried out economically.

Bridges were installed using the onsite tower cranes and Easi-Edge was bolted to the sides of the bridges prior to the lift. This allowed Kier to commence with the temporary boarding out of the bridges once the bridge had been landed and completed.

Once all the 40 number bridges had been completed, Hillcrest commenced with the installation of the scenic lift frames. This was another challenging operation where frames had to be fed down through 5 floors, temporarily fixed into position to allow frames to be plumbed and lined, and then fully welded in position to provide a clean decorative finish.

Once the frames were installed, on site preparation was carried out in readiness for the on-site intumescent painting.

Main Contractor:
Kier Construction

TP Bennett

Alan Baxter

Project Value:

230 tonnes